NextDay Delivery£6.99
NextDay Delivery£6.99


The following Terms and Conditions establishes the entire Agreement between the parties and supersede any previous agreements, warranties, representations, undertakings or understandings between the parties and may not be varied except in writing.This business is owned by Waheed Abdul Rashid and is a sole trader entity.


a. “Company” means Backdrop Banners Limited registered in London who provides the goods or services under these Terms and Conditions.

b. “Customer” means the party contracting with the Company to acquire the goods and services supplied under these Terms and Conditions.

c. “Website” means the Website of the Company, that being www.

d. “Print Ready Files” means converting the customers submitted work into CMYK format to prepare it for printing.

3. “Deliveries” means the process of transporting the product (banner or printed goods) at the customers provided address.


We expect the artwork files in the following mentioned formats – pdf, psd, png, cdr, tiff, jpeg, ai etc. Minimum size requirement is 300 DPI. It is also recommended that you keep a 2 inch bleed area which ensures that your text or images on the banner will not be affected by the various finishing options.


For custom orders we try to convert the received artwork into print ready files. We do not print in pantone colours and before printing we use to convert all the artwork files into CMYK format before we finalise them for printing. But we will require your approval before printing.

A shade difference of 10 to 15 % is possible in the final print ready design. This kind of difference is normal and usually occur because of screen resolutions and printer configurations. We will send you the print ready files. You need to check the file thoroughly and see if you require any changes such as colours, spellings and layout changes etc. You need to reply to this email with your approval if you are satisfied, if we will not receive any reply from your side then we will not be able to send your design for printing.

Clients are supposed to be responsive because we will not be responsible for any delays due to delay communication from your side.

As we already have mentioned before that we can not process an order until the client approves it by email. So, the print ready file approval emails which will e received after 12 pm shall be processed and dispatched on the next day. You need to confirm the delivery dates with us before placing your order.


Most of our banners are printed on a large scale and we prepare our products to be seen from a distance of more than two meters. So, we will not be able to help you out if you are looking for extremely sharp printing.

We have uploaded a few of our previously printed banners as a sample on our website to give the client a general idea about the quality of our service. Also, we offer free finishing services but we can not provide you with any warranty for their wear and tear.

We try our level best to provide the best quality banners or backdrops in the exact size ordered, however there can be a 3 to 4 cm variance in the final product and this normal. You need not to worry about it.

We can print a single piece banner if the height of that banner does not exceed 10ff or 164ft in total. Larger size prints will require seamless joints of super glue. The joints will be perfectly aligned with the design to avoid any kind of disputes later.

Products with size requirements of 3ft x 5ft or less shall not be hemmed. Means you need to keep the size larger than 3ft x 5ft if you need the banners hemmed.


The following timescales apply from the point you have approved the print ready files.

Normal delivery orders will be printed and dispatched within 5 to 6 days. Please keep in mind that it will not be our responsibility if you have an event close by and your event banner does not reach in time. You need to be responsible for managing time accordingly to conduct your function or event successfully.

The time to start the delivery timescale for a specific order shall start when you approve the print ready files.

Those products which are larger than 5ft x 5ft are folded and then delivered. This process can cause discoloring and some creases on the folded areas. Such deliveries will be considered as the perfect print.

The products which can not be folded or delivered with other products will be sent via special courier. You can tell us while placing the order that you don’t need your banner delivered in the folding form. We will keep you informed about the costs of your demands. We charge fixed delivery charges for all standard deliveries but for bigger orders there will be no delivery charges.


For fast paced banner deliveries, we use our express service. We can deliver an order within 24 hours with the help of an express delivery service. However, the express delivery charges may vary depending upon the value of the order. If you want to know the cost then proceed with the checkout process by choosing the express delivery option. For a successful express delivery, we require that you finalise your order before 1pm because after that we will charge an additional amount of 50% if the order is still possible to be delivered on the next day.


If you are not satisfied by the quality or any other issue related to our delivered product then you need to take some photographs of the product and send us the images and written description of the problem you have faced. You need to send us the images and description via email within 24 hours after receiving your order. Will not respond to the late queries and will not be held responsible for any discomforts or bad conducts later.

Your refunds will only be eligible if the final received product is of low quality or of wrong size. You should not accept the delivery if the packaging seems to be damaged. If the delivery is accepted then we will assume that you are happy with the condition of the delivery.

If due to any reason your order gets late and you do not require the banner then you should contact our customer support as soon as possible and apply for a refund immediately. Also, you shall not accept the courier delivery if you have already requested for a refund. Accepting the delivery means that you are ok with the delivery and don’t require a refund. Please be informed that we are only responsible for taking order, processing, designing and dispatch for delivery within the right time. If any delay occur because of any reason from the courier services then we shall not be held responsible for that. Such disputed orders shall not be eligible for refunds. Proof of dispatch on time will be taken from the electronic scanning of the parcels into the couriers facility.

If any problem occurs in the delivered product and you need replacement or a refund then customer will have to send the product back at their own cost. The company will only bear costs for sending the products at the provided address.

To claim a full refund you need to return back the product within 24 hours of receiving the order.

You may not receive a full refund for late returns and product return back courier costs will be payable by the customer only.

If you booked an express order and you order did not reach on time then the shipping charges of £11.99 will be refunded. On the other case if the delivery gets late due to printing and dispatching then we will refund both the express delivery and express service charges. The order then be considered as the normal order and standard deliver charge of £6.99 will be deducted from the amount will needs a refund.

If you have placed an order and no longer require the order, please send us an email as soon as possible. If the order has not been printed we will refund the order in full. If the order is printed no refund can be issued as these are custom printed items. The order will be delivered as per the selected delivery option.


Where ever there is a commitment and business there are frauds too. We noticed some cases in the past in which some people used the banner and later they asked for a refund. In each of our banner order we mention the exact weight and quantity of banners. Moreover, we keep records of orders and take photos of all the orders before order dispatch. Claims shall be dealt with utmost seriousness and all of the legal proceedings in terms of costs and formalities will be recovered from the customer.


We claim the rights of all the images or products that we design. Customers can use these images for their commercial needs. We reserve the right to use the parts of the design or samples for marketing or as a display on our own website.

All of the designing work and intellectual property rights belong to “Backdrop Banners” except the text and images which are provided by the customer. If our served products are refused to be accepted by the customer regardless of which party is at fault, the design will be charged at 50% depending on the total invoice amount. This will be deducted before a refund is processed.

OTHERS Our liability of any order provided is limited to the order value. Any cases challenged through PayPal or Merchant services, whatever the outcome will be the final decision on the order cannot be challenged elsewhere.


Our liability of any order provided is limited to the order value.

Any cases challenged through PayPal or Merchant services, whatever the outcome will be the final decision on the order cannot be challenged elsewhere.

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This business is owned by Waheed Abdul Rashid and is a sole trader entity.

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